Apr 28

Construction Material

BHKL provides all kind of construction and infrastructural material to their clients on given time. We ensure procurement of quality products on behalf of our valued clients. We can provide as much items / equipment and materials as your project requires and we are not limited to provision of any specific items and we provide any item on demand of our valued clients.

Below is the list of construction material that we are specialized in but not limited to:

Our services in construction specialized in but not limited to


Apr 28

Force Protechtion Material

Buraq International Logistic Services  Company has the ability to supply force protection materials in large volumes. We supply these materials in large quantities and also install these protection materials if required. We are specialize (but is not limited to) in the following force protection materials.

·         T-Walls

·         Jersey Barriers

·         U Bunkers

·         Polyproplene Sand Bags

·         Concertina Wire, Razor Wire & Sniper Screens

·         Hescos

·         Dimensional Lumber & Plywood


Apr 28

Fuel Supplies Services


Buraq International Logistic Services  analyzes extensively and ensures sufficient fuel supply so that our clients never run out. Our comprehensive hassle free service provides deliveries to suit your fuel needs and fuel storage capacity. We can deliver the required volumes to suit client’s fuel needs – no delivery is too large or too small.


We offer unrivalled levels of service via our network of distributors throughout Afghanistan. Our fuel management service is based on monitoring, controlling and maintaining fuel stock – in all business sectors. We work with our clients across all sectors and can offer competitive supply arrangements tailor made specifically for clients needs.


We are very proud of the high levels of service we provide in supplying Petrol, Diesel, High Speed Diesel, Kerosene Oil and Jet Fuels. We also provide lubricants (both automotive and industrial range) and greases. We are importing fuel from neighboring countries such as Turkmenistan and Pakistan.

Our excellent service, first class knowledge and competitive prices will give you peace of mind.

Apr 28

Operations & Maintenance

We are eager to contribute to our clients with consultations on O & M affairs and resolving their issues on a growing mutual business trend.
Our strength point in performing O & M contracts is laid in recruiting multi-skilled, self-organized, punctual and honest personnel along with a knowledgeable and disciplined Supervisor.

The maintenance will be on two different ways. One is routine/ scheduled maintenance which is done on a timely basis. The other from is unscheduled maintenance which is done randomly upon the Client’s request. O&M relies on extensive, intimate long-term vendor relationships with certain key suppliers around the world to provide cost-effective, high-touch and high-quality services to its clients.

Our services in Operations & Maintenance are in following but not limited to

·         Generator Maintenance Service

·         Carpentry

·         Plumbing

·         Electrical

·         HVAC Maintenance Service

·         Other General Maintenance Services’



Apr 28

Catering & Food Services

Hospitality is what we are, not what we do. Keeping the tradition alive, we use nothing but the fine ingredients. There are no short cuts. We respect the food and let nothing get in the way of the authentic flavor. All our recipes are based on the originality of their regions.

Buraq International Logistic Services  Company is a very experienced firm in providing Afghan standard meals to meet the demands of our clients. We assure our personnel and partners are following the laws and guidelines for delivering hygienic, healthy and nutritious food. Through regular training and continuous inspections, our personnel are proactive in uncovering any area of deficiency and taking corrective action immediately.

We cooperate with our clients to design nutritionally balanced menus which please the plate and offer a wide selection of choices. We always strive to procure fresh local foodstuffs that meet or exceed required standards for a particular client or region.


Apr 28

Building Construction

Buraq International Logistic Services  Company provides construction work for schools building, commercial, corporate and administrative buildings.
Our team is well aware about international standards and building codes. We have sufficient material resource, expertise staff, local allies and construction machinery to address project anywhere in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, we have expertise in design & construction of facilities and submission of its subordinate services, including concrete works, plumbing, electrical works and concrete paving, roofing, HVAC system, mechanical works, carpentry, plastering, welding, etc.

Buraq International Logistic Services  Company owns self owned K-span heavy machine and is operating in Kunar now a days. We have completed many projects with ANA and US corps.

Apr 28

Forward Operating Bases (FOB) – Military Construction

Buraq International Logistic Services  Company provides construction for FOBs and military facilities such as Hesco wall (Made in USA), Jersey barriers, T-Walls, CMU building construction, U-Bunkers, Chain Link Fencing and Sniper screen, Concertina Wire, Sand bags, guard post and water well etc.We have team of expert project managers, civil engineers, technical engineers, skilled laborers, and construction machinery & construction material to cater project anywhere in Afghanistan. We always strictly follow the policies and directives of Coalition Authorities and provide all services within the frameset of forces we are working with.

Apr 28


Buraq International Logistic Services  Company is one of the growing contractors providing turnkey constructions for USACE. Our company has exhibited continuous growth, both vertically and horizontally, and excelled even when the economic climate has been difficult to navigate. We believe in motto “Afghans Build Afghanistan,” and Integration of Western standards and business practices with local labor to reflect a larger mission.

Our extensive history and ability has been proven by successfully-completed contracts over the past 7 years. We have provided services and contractual work in almost every corner of Afghanistan. Our resources viz-a-viz Financial, Work Force and Local allies are good enough to execute any project of any size. Our team of seasoned professionals is highly experienced with all conditions and environments throughout Afghanistan.

Our services in construction specialized in but not limited to

Apr 28


Buraq International Logistic Services  Company is providing services to military bases across Afghanistan covering a wide range of product supply and logistics solutions, keeping in consideration competitive market challenges and growing products demands. Our services include Operations & Maintenance, Construction, Procurement and Life Support Services including Food Services, Laundry Service and Fuel Supply. The following is a list of services and supplies offered by our organization.

Apr 28


Buraq International Logistic Services  strives for performance excellence at both the individual and organizational level. The investment we make in the personal and professional development of our people is what leads to our success.

Investing in the development of exciting and new Technology, our employees are equipped to succeed in offering clients a complete range of investment products and services. We are committed to hiring the best Professionals in order to expand our Team. We are constantly looking to hire Finance officers, Engineers, Construction Crew, Accountants and Managers that Add Value for our customers.

Equal Opportunity

The Company’s policy on equal employment opportunity prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age or physical disability. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, transfers, promotions, terminations, compensation, and benefits. The company is proud to employ women in several key roles.

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